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Green Point Lighthouse


Greenpoint lighthouse Capetown

Postage stamp: "Groenpunt"
Emission: June 9, 1988
Value: 30 cents ( 30/100 Rand, ZAR)
Printer: Government Printer Pretoria
Print: offset

Green Point lighthouse was the first solidly constructed built on the South African coast, built on the north west point of the promontory bounding Table Bay.
The lighthouse was first completed in 1824 and was lit on the 24 April of that year. It is South Africa’s oldest lighthouse.
The original lanterns were equipped with a single wick Argand lamp which used sperm oil as fuel. The light was reflected by highly polished metal parabolic reflectors, known as the catoptic system. The weak rays from this arrangement could only be seen at a distance of 6 miles.
In 1865 the tower was extended to its present height of approximately 20 metres and was electrified in March 1929. The 1,5kW lamp produces 850000 candelas which can be seen for 25 sea miles.

A Postcard from South-Africa


The real situation from Google Maps

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